Integrated Circuit Technology Corp. is an innovative pre-IPO company pioneering the next generation of embedded configurable silicon IP design and bringing the next generation of programmable logic devices.

ICT is one of the few semiconductor companies in Silicon Valley that is still privately held. Here is your chance to join a small dynamic fabless semiconductor company making Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs). ICT’s products include innovative ideas such as automatic power down (“Zero Power” operation) for low power drain, especially important for 3V battery operated equipment. Schmitt trigger input buffers are also included on all our 3V parts, making ICT’s 3V PLDs ideal for direct input of biological sensor signals or noisy signals or the ability to use sine waves as clocks.


PLD Business Unit – ICT designs, manufactures and markets user-programmable integrated circuits. ICT products, which include PEEL Devices, (including zero power, low voltage), PEEL Arrays and WinPLACE Development Software offers the most flexible PLD solutions for lower pin-count applications.

ICT products are used extensively in the telecommunications, industrial control and computer markets, to reduce development time, improve performance, reduce power consumption and customize features.